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40 Optinett Wipes (4 x Packs of 10)

40 Optinett Wipes (4 x Packs of 10) 40 Optinett Wipes (4 x Packs of 10)

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40 Optinett Wipes (4 x Packs of 10)

These wipes are very handy to have in your glove box, hand bag or office drawer for the times you need to clean your glasses on the hop. Packed in 4 boxes of ten within a larger box these can be split and stored in several locations for your convenience.



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Customer reviews

23/11/17 by


These are great for wiping down both my reading glasses and my phone screen. Quick delivery to boot.

26/12/16 by


When I got the wipes, I first tried them on my glasses and my glasses are the cleanest I've ever been able to get them, crystal clear. I then tried them on my laptop screen and the same is true. No smudges nor scratches nor residue.

26/12/16 by


Unlike other brands, these lens wipes did not leave any residue or streaks on anything I cleaned and they effectively remove dust, dirt and oils (including fingerprints).

I have a pair of glasses that are a few years old with the anti-reflective coating. New, they were easy to clean with almost any sort of lens care product, but as they are aging and any product I try has been leaving frustrating streaks. These wipes are the only ones that can clean this pair of glasses without leaving any sort of streaks behind.

26/12/16 by


Typically, I can clean a pair of glasses or sunglasses a 3" LCD camera screen and my 4.5" smartphone screen with one wipe. Multiple wipes are needed for bigger jobs like a laptop or monitor screen.

26/12/16 by


With other products, you tend to put too much cleaner on the lenses and then rub and rub to dry them and get the smudges out. These wipes dry out relatively quickly, smudge free, so that all the extra rubbing is avoided reducing wear and tear.

26/12/16 by


Good value for these wipes.

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