Why do I need Reading Glasses?

The ability to focus on near objects diminishes with age. The condition is called Presbyopia and the exact cause is unknown. Presbyopes (those with Presbyopia) need to hold books at arm’s length to be able to focus – otherwise the words will appear blurred.

Some presbyopes also suffer from headaches and eyestrain. It is a not a disease but a natural part of aging and cannot be prevented. Most people start to notice its effects between 40 and 50 years old.

Buying Reading Glasses

Off the shelf, ready-made reading spectacles are a very convenient and cost effective alternative to prescription glasses. For the majority of people, presbyopia is a minor, straightforward condition. If your vision problem is more complicated (for example if you require a different prescription in each eye) or severe, we would recommend you visit an optometrist to assess your eyesight.

The optical power of a lens is measured in dioptres (or diopters). The greater the measurement in dioptres, the greater the magnification of the lens will be. The magnification of glasses sold by Reading Glasses Direct increase in increments of 0.5 dioptres.

If you read outside, you should consider reading sunglasses for increased comfort and protection from the sun as well. Many people prefer to buy more than one pair of reading glasses anyway – it is handy to have a pair upstairs, a pair downstairs and a pair in the car. This also has the advantage that you will have a back up if you loose your reading glasses – an occupational hazard as any seasoned spectacles wearer will tell you!

Check out our Reading Glasses Glossary.

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