Maintaining your Reading Glasses

Since reading glasses are taken on and off all the time they are put under more pressure than a pair of ordinary prescription glasses. In order not to loose your reading glasses it’s a good idea to buy a glasses cord. When putting on your reading glasses you should use both your hands, that way the frames will keep their shape a lot longer.

It's also important to clean your reading glasses regularly. There are wipes and sprays suitable for all types of lens; we sell Optinett products which are especially good for multi coated and anti reflective lenses.

When you are not using your reading glasses you should always keep them inside their case.

And of course the Dont’s

  • Never put your glasses down with the glass facing down, there is a chance it will scratch.
  • Don't polish your reading glasses with your clothes, that's because there can be little particles in the fabric of your clothes that could scratch the glass.
  • Never use soap to clean the lenses, soap generally contains fat and sticks to the glass.
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